The online auction site eBay has removed around 30 items of Nazi Holocaust memorabilia from its listings including clothes worn by concentration camp victims after a British newspaper investigation. 

Reporters found a range of items on sale on the website including a complete Auschwitz uniform worn by a Polish baker who perished in the Nazi death camp.

The Mail on Sunday said it had alerted eBay and the online auctioneer had removed 30 items from sale and offered to make a donation of £25,000 (€29,500) to charity.

In a statement, eBay apologised and said the items should not have been listed for sale.

 The e-commerce giant also said it has thousands of staff dedicated to policing its site.

The paper said the purported Auschwitz uniform had been priced at £11,300 (€13,300) by the vendor, a Ukrainian man based in Canada, who had sold another batch of clothing purporting to be linked to Auschwitz for $18,000 (€13,300) last year.

The man says he is selling them to fund history book projects about the period and that he is not motivated by money. 

The Mail on Sunday said eBay had been unable to say how long such items may have been for sale on its website.

The report quoted the vendor named as Viktor Kempf as saying he had been criticised in the past for selling such items, but did so to "document" them and to fund history book projects.
"I don't want people to think I'm just doing it for the money. These periods in history are horrific, nobody should ever forget them," Mr Kempf was quoted as saying.
Other items found on eBay by the British paper included shoes and a toothbrush said to have belonged to concentration camp victims as well as yellow Star of David armbands used by the Nazis to identify Jews for persecution.