The Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said that no one has to pay the 2014 property tax in 2013. 

Mr Kenny, who was attending the Fine Gael Presidential Dinner in Dublin, said people have a number of options to pay the tax in 2014, such as spreading their payments next year.

Earlier, Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore has called on the Revenue Commissioners to have another look at the deadline arrangement for people with single online payments by credit or debit cards.

He said that he fully respects the independence of the Revenue Commissioners. 

He said that It is a matter for them to make the administrative arrangements for the collection of tax.

Earlier, a Government spokesperson has said that deadlines governing payment of the property tax are a matter solely for the Revenue Commissioners who are independent. 

The statement came in response to criticism that property owners who elect to pay by debit card, credit card or by cheque are being asked to pay next year's tax this month. 

A Government spokesperson told RTÉ News: "The issue of tax administration and collection is a matter for the Revenue Commissioners and they are completely and necessarily independent of Government."

Property owners who opt to pay the Local Property Tax for 2014 using a debit card, credit card or cheque will have to pay during this month, according to the Revenue Commissioners.

Those making paper tax returns must select a payment option by 7 November. 

People filling out tax returns online have until 27 November.

Revenue has been writing to 960,000 property owners asking how they intend paying next year's tax.

People who made a single payment this year are asked to contact Revenue to let them know their preferred payment option for 2014.

Revenue has said 46% of householders paid the tax for 2013 by cheque, cash, credit card or debit card.

Speaking previously to RTÉ News, Revenue Commissioners Local Property Tax Manager Vivienne Dempsey outlined how the tax would be collected.

"If you are paying at source, so through your wages or your pension, then it will come out on your first payment in January and be spread evenly across the year to December," said Ms Dempsey.

 "But if you pay by debit card or by credit card, or if you are sending in a cheque, the payment will come out in November," she added. 

Meanwhile, The Revenue Commissioners have said that, as of today, approximately 30,000 people have informed them how they wish to pay the 2014 Local Property Tax.

A spokesperson reminded property owners that they do not have to pay the 2014 LPT before Christmas. 

The spokesperson said: "We are asking you to let us know now what payment method you wish to choose so that we can have the range of payment options set up in good time for next year. All the letter asks is that you state what payment option you wish to choose."