The death toll from a stampede at a Hindu temple in India has risen to 115.

The search for more victims of the second deadly stampede at the site in seven years has ended.

Nearly 150,000 pilgrims had gathered at the Ratangarh temple in the central state of Madhya Pradesh yesterday to celebrate the end of the Hindu holy festival of Navratri.

A police spokesman said people moving towards the temple across a long, concrete bridge panicked when some railings broke, triggering the stampede.

Many victims were crushed by the crowd while others drowned when they fell or jumped into the fast-flowing Sindh river, swollen by heavy rain.

Most of the dead were women and children.

Many other pilgrims were injured.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident, with accounts from some survivors that police had sparked the panic by using sticks to try to control the crowd dismissed by investigators.

There was a stampede on the same bridge in 2006 and 50 pilgrims drowned after they jumped into the river to escape the crush.