A 24-hour strike by non-consultant hospital doctors looks set to proceed next week after the Irish Medical Organisation rejected an invitation to talks at the Labour Relations Commission.

An IMO spokesman said it did not believe there was a basis for reconvening talks at the moment.

He also claimed the HSE had put the subject matter of private talks at the LRC into the public domain.

Strike action is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 8 October.

The IMO has called for an end to shifts of over 24 hours and a commitment from the HSE that junior doctors will not work longer than 48 hours a week by the end of next year.

The HSE has said it is extremely disappointed at the IMO decision to refuse the invitation to talks at the LRC.

It called on the IMO to put HSE proposals of 30 September and 1 October to a ballot of all its NCHD membership.

The HSE said it is putting its proposals on its website (www.hse.ie) to allow all NCHDs to properly inform themselves.

It said the only outstanding matter is a claim by the IMO that NCHDs should receive an additional payment/paid leave amounting to two-and-a-half times the standard rate as a sanction for hospitals that do not comply with working times legislation.