The Vintners' Federation of Ireland has confirmed it is introducing a new scheme to encourage young adults to drink with their parents.

The association said a series of events planned for Cork and Kerry will encourage parents and their children to enjoy alcohol in a "sensible manner".

The VFI is in the process of signing up publicans to take part in the pilot project, which is designed to reduce the volume of alcohol young people drink at home or outside of the licensed trade.

The association said: "Up until now alcohol and health campaigns have focused on encouraging young people not to drink with no alternative offered."

However, in 2006, launched their campaign "Know the one that’s one too many", aimed at curbing excessive drinking.

Diageo has also run a campaign called "Don't See a Great Night Wasted", promoting responsible drinking.

The VFI said Cork and Kerry were selected as the pilot counties as there was initial interest from publicans in the area.

The scheme is expected to be officially launched later this month.