A former resident of Priory Hall in Dublin has written to the Taoiseach appealing for help following the death of her partner by suicide last month.

Stephanie Meehan said 38 year-old Fiachra Daly was under stress following the evacuation from their home.

Mr Daly was one of 256 residents forced to leave their apartments in the complex in Donaghmede almost two years ago after serious breaches of fire safety regulations were uncovered.

Ms Meehan said the father-of-two never showed any signs of mental illness or depression.

She said: "Fiachra was kind of old-fashioned in that sense. He wanted to be the provider and make sure I was okay and the children were okay.

"Everybody who knows Fiachra would be in agreement, he was the happiest person.

"He didn't show any signs of stress or depression. Nothing at all. Somebody has died because of this. Fiachra can't die in vain."

Vincent P Martin of the New Beginning group of lawyers said he has seen hundreds of people suffering emotional trauma because of mortgage difficulties.

"They wrongly feel there is a sense of failure. There isn't. It's not their fault," he said.

"There is hope and they should harness strength in challenging times and seek professional help." 

Dublin City Council is paying the temporary housing costs of residents who can no longer live in Priory Hall, but the local authority is appealing that obligation to the Supreme Court.

Some residents have moratoriums in place on their mortgages, but all are still liable for loans on properties that may never be lived in again.

Paul Kelly of the charity Console is urging those in distress to seek help.

He said: "When a person is at a point where they see now light at the end of the tunnel, we're saying to turn to organisations like Console to help them through that difficult period."

Helplines: Console 1800201890. Aware 01-6617211. Samaritans 1850609090.