Details of a new cancer research collaboration, said to be the first of its kind in the world, have been announced by the Irish Cancer Society.

The Breast Predict project will see €7.5m invested over five years in a collaborative breast cancer research centre involving Irish scientists and academic institutions.

The aim of the centre will be to develop ways of better predicting the best treatment for breast cancer patients.

Over 50 leading researchers from six academic institutions across the island and abroad will be brought together in the virtual collaboration.

They will share resources, technical expertise and patient samples, while producing a breast cancer database and treatment models.

Their ultimate goal is to develop more accurate, precise and personalised therapies.

The project will be funded by means of a €1.5m investment by the Irish Cancer Society every year over its five-year term.

It will be the only breast cancer collaborative research centre in the world that can track patients over a long period - a process made possible by Ireland's small population.

Professor John Fitzpatrick, Head of Research at the Irish Cancer Society, said he is confident the programme will deliver improved personalised breast cancer treatments.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Prof Fitzpatrick predicted that noticeable progress would be made within a year.