Disability services organisation St Michael's House has written to families to inform them that it has to cut services due to an additional reduction in its funding.

St Michael's House provides services to more than 1,600 children and adults with intellectual disabilities in over 170 centres across the greater Dublin area and in Navan, Co Meath.

These include respite care, adult day services and specialised Alzheimer services.

However, earlier this month it was informed that an additional €1 million was being cut from its budget for the second part of the year, backdated to 1 July.

St Michael's has informed families that there will be cuts in eight areas, including reductions in respite services, residential and day care services and transport.

There will be no new residential places available.

It has told families that not all cuts being introduced will apply to each individual.

St Michael's House is having meetings with family members of service users over the coming weeks.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Catherine Cox of the Carers Association said there is already a services shortage nationally and a waiting list for residential places.

Ms Cox said these cuts come against a backdrop of reductions in the disability allowance and the respite care grant.

She said the cuts facing St Michael's are being witnessed right across the country.

Ms Cox said: "The Government has obviously made a decision that it can make cuts across the disability sector and I would stress that they cannot continue to do this."