The Greek parliament faces another deadline to pass legislation demanded by the European Union and International Monetary Fund, or risk not receiving a €2.5 billion tranche of bailout funds.

Inspectors from the Troika have been on the ground in Athens assessing whether or not the Greek government has delivered on 22 measures it promised back in June

Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem has warned that a decision on releasing the next aid payment would be delayed in order to see if legislation promised earlier this month would be passed by MPs later today.

Troika inspectors reported back to eurozone member states yesterday that while Greece had what they termed “satisfactorily implemented” 21 prior actions required for the release of bailout funds - one measure was outstanding.

The deadline for adopting that measure is today, which is understood to relate to putting more than 4,000 government employees in the labour mobility scheme.

Mr Dijsselbloem said that once this had been what he called "satisfactorily concluded" - only then the next tranche of bailout funds would be released.

That decision will be taken on Monday.