Bord na Móna has harvested 80% of its target turf yield for the year thanks to the recent spell of fine weather.

High temperatures and the second prolonged stretch of dry weather so far this summer have combined to create excellent harvesting conditions.

Head of Peat and Biomass Operations Paul Riordan said that if the good weather continues as forecast the company will achieve up to 3% more of its target per day, and will be well on the way to a 100% harvest in 2013.

The positive outlook is in stark contrast to last year's disastrous harvest, which was the worst in Bord Na Móna's history.

Last year's poor harvest meant jobs were at stake on the bogs, but Mr Riordan said the good weather will restore stability for 2,000 workers.

Bord Na Móna also confirmed that it has set up a new project involving up to 60 office-based staff in a voluntary co-ordinated fire vigilance operation to try to avoid bog fires as the high temperatures continue.

Staff will continue monitoring after office hours at bogs all over the midlands.