A Sunday Independent/Millward Brown opinion poll suggests that Fianna Fáil has opened up a three-point lead over Fine Gael.

Fine Gael has dropped one point to 26%, compared to 29% support for Fianna Fáil, a rise of two points.

Labour’s support has fallen three points to 8% - while Sinn Féin has risen two points to 19% since the last poll in May.

Support for independents and others has risen by one point to 19%.

A high level of those polled are undecided, accounting for 34%.

Dissatisfaction with the Government is running at 75% according to the poll, with only 17% happy with the Coalition, broadly similar to earlier polls this year for the newspaper.

Asked about the future of the Seanad, 43% of those polled want abolition with 30% seeking reform and 5% wanting it to stay the same as it is. 

The number favouring abolition is 10 points down on the last Seanad poll taken in December.

The large rise in undecided voters – up 11 points to 22% almost mirroring the drift away from those wanting abolition - points to a more open campaign facing the government when it gets under way in the autumn than may previously have been expected.

Dissatisfaction with Enda Kenny’s leadership is 64% according to the poll with 25% happy with his performance.

72% are unhappy with Eamon Gilmore’s leadership of the Labour Party, with only 16% of those polled saying he should remain as party leader.

Support for Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has dropped further, with 56% dissatisfied with his party leadership, compared to 47% in early May.

His satisfaction rating of 30% is the highest of the four main party leaders.

Dissatisfaction with Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has risen by one point to 57% - with 24% of those polled happy with his leadership.