An exhibition that includes dramatic reconstruction of life in Dublin tenements during the 1913 lockout has been launched.

The project is taking place in original tenement buildings in Henrietta Street and opened to the public for performances in July and August.

Opening the exhibition, Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn said he would encourage as many Dubliners as possible to visit the exhibition.

He said: "Entering the ground floor now is like entering a time capsule, which transports the 21st century visitor back to 1913.

"The use of drama, archival records, photographs and personal testimonies, in what is quite a compact space, brings the history of the experience to life."

The performances and audio visual displays portray the lives of tenement families and their reaction to the events of the lockout.

It takes place in No 14 Henrietta St, one of buildings that has remained largely intact since the early 20th century.

Sally Anne Kinahan of ICTU said the project is one of a number of events marking the centenary of the lockout.

Commemorative stamps will be issued in August and a re-enactment will take place in October of the arrival of food supplies from workers in Liverpool.