The general secretary of the country's largest teaching union has said the proposed restoration of allowances and original salary levels by 2018 was important in terms of the union accepting the Haddington Road proposals.

Under the new deal, national school teachers will no longer be paid the current supervision and substitution allowance, while those earning over €65,000 per year will face pay cuts.

However, speaking to RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Sheila Nunan of the INTO said the proposed reversal of these cuts by 2018 was an "important consideration" for the union's membership when voting on the proposals.

Ms Nunan said the union's members were not entirely happy with the Haddington Road proposals.

However, she said those who voted in favour of the proposals acknowledged they represented progress from the Croke Park II Agreement.

Ms Nunan refused to say whether the other teachers' unions - the TUI and the ASTI - should ballot their members on the Haddington Road proposals.

Ms Nunan said the INTO now wanted to move on and campaign on other issues.