Four opposition TDs have called for an independent inquiry into the cancellation of penalty points.

Clare Daly, Mick Wallace, Joan Collins and Luke 'Ming' Flanagan intend to introduce a Private Members' Bill in the Dáil relating to the structure on policing in Ireland to address what they claim are weaknesses in the powers and independence of the gardaí.

The four also said garda whistle-blowers wholly dispute the report’s conclusions that penalty points where not cancelled for motorists who had previously been involved in fatal road traffic incidents.

They criticised the fact that the whistle-blowers had not been interviewed by Garda Assistant Commissioner John O'Mahony’s investigation team.

In relation to the cancellation of his own penalty points, Mr Flanagan said he was not proud of that, but he said it illustrated that the practice goes on that certain people are treated differently.

Mr Wallace confirmed that he had been arrested a number of years ago while working for Dublin City Council, but he said he was the victim of an unlawful arrest.

He said the garda was wrong and that the matter had been settled.

However, he said on legal advice he could not go into any further detail, because his solicitor had written to a newspaper about a recent report on the matter.

Ms Collins said she did not feel that she had demonised individuals who had had penalty points cancelled by naming them in the Dáil.