The crew of a Ukrainian ship seized in Dublin last March are to be repatriated to the Ukraine after a deal was struck over pay.

The 17 crew of the MV Clipper Faith have been stranded in Dublin since their ship was seized on 12 March.

The ship was seized on behalf of the Amsterdam Trade Bank because the owners had failed to keep up mortgage payments.

The crew could not get home to the Ukraine because they had not been paid since 1 December 2012.

They have been onboard for up to seven months. Over 40 children in the Ukraine are dependent on the crew.

The settlement was struck between the bank and the International Transport Workers Federation.

The crew will be paid their back pay and compensation for breach of contract and flown home in the coming days.

The MV Clipper Faith will be auctioned in Dublin on 14 June to pay off the money owed to the bank.