Co Mayo has the fewest drivers with penalty points, while Co Kildare has the highest, according to a new report looking at life in Ireland today.

The Regional Quality of Life report from the Central Statistics Office compares lifestyle, housing, health, education and economic activity across the country.

In December of last year, just under 20% of drivers had penalty points on their licences.

Co Mayo had the fewest at 13%, while 23% of drivers in Co Kildare had points. North Tipperary has the highest rate of car ownership.

The study finds that the southeast has the highest rate of unemployment, while the lowest is in Dublin.

The highest average property prices in 2011 were in Dublin, while the lowest prices for new and second hand property were recorded in Waterford.

Many findings are in line with population density, with the western region recording the smallest pupil to school ratio, while the highest was in Dublin.

Similarly, over 20% of accommodation in the border and western regions is vacant.

When it comes to disposable income per person, Dublin comes first, followed by Kildare and Limerick, while people in Donegal and Offaly have the lowest rate.

A wide variation in broadband access is reported. Almost three quarters of homes in Dublin have access, compared with half of households in Longford.

Four in ten people in the border region have a medical card, the study found.

A total of 2,781 divorces were granted in 2011, with over 1,200 in the Dublin area.

Around half of the data comes from the 2011 Census, with the rest contributed by Government departments and State agencies.

One in eight residents responding to the Census in 2011 were not Irish, with the figure at around 20% in Galway city and 8% in Donegal.