The founder of the Jack and Jill Foundation has warned that his charity is being exploited by credit card fraud.

Speaking to RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Jonathan Irwin said that the organisation has been forced to return €132,000 in donations within the last 15 months.

Criminals are thought to be testing their latest credit card scam on the charity.

Mr Irwin said the foundation was receiving international donations as small as two cents and often in sudden bursts as criminals test the ease at which they can take money from people's accounts.

He confirmed that the charity also received fraudulent donations as high as €19,000 from countries such as Italy, Luxembourg and Korea.

"From our point of view €132,000 is almost the figure we pay out every month for nursing care for 300 babies we are nursing all over Ireland, it's just very cynical ... and we've had to do over 1,000 transactions backwards," he said.

Mr Irwin warned people to check their credit cards and bank accounts as much as possible.

He also confirmed the charity will implement a better security system in order to combat the fraud.