Workers are demolishing a massive roller coaster that was destroyed in the US state of New Jersey during superstorm Sandy last year.

A crane is tearing apart the remnants of the Jet Star Roller Coaster and other rides that plunged off an amusement pier into the ocean during the storm last October.

Images of the roller coaster have appeared hundreds of times and been used to sell memorabilia to raise money for storm victims.

Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey on 29 October, causing $30bn in damage.

More than 130 people throughout the US northeast died as a result of the storm.

The clean-up at the pier is expected to take a few days, according to Casino Pier, which owns the rides.

"Life as an amusement park ride is over for the Jet Star, but we are keeping a piece for a memorial on the pier," said Casino Pier spokeswoman Toby Wolf.

A section of the pier, including rides, will open this summer while the full rebuilding project is expected in 2014.