National housing charity Threshold has urged the Government to introduce a statutory code of conduct outlining how tenants of buy-to-let properties that are repossessed should be treated.

In a parliamentary question this week, Sinn Féin raised the issue of tenants being displaced from private rented accommodation as a result of bank repossessions.

Speaking on RTÉ's This Week, Threshold Chief Executive Bob Jordan said tenants were being caught in the crossfire between landlords and receivers appointed by banks.

He said Threshold was dealing with cases where tenants were told by receivers that they would not carry out repairs.

It also had heard that tenants could not recover their deposits when they vacated the properties.

Mr Jordan has called for a change in legislation for when a receiver is appointed to a rental property where the receiver becomes the landlord and that the tenant should be allowed to remain in the property.

He said the private rented sector had replaced local authority housing for a lot of people.

Mr Jordan said that the Government had a responsibility to people living in private rented accommodation.