Five people, including two Cork city councillors, were arrested following a protest inside a branch of the Bank of Ireland in Cork City.

Councillors Ted Tynan of the Workers Party and Mick Barry of the Socialist Workers Party were among 18 protesters who marched into the St Patrick Street branch of the Bank of Ireland just before midday.

The group, all members of the Campaign Against Home & Water Taxes, began shouting anti-tax slogans inside the branch.

A staff member asked them to leave several times but when they refused, gardaí were called.

The five men were arrested under the Public Order Act for breaches of the peace and for occupying a building, and taken to the Bridewell Garda Station, where they have since been released.

Speaking afterwards, Cllr Tynan stood over the protest saying he had to stand up for ordinary people in their battle against austerity.

Up to 50 people had gathered on the street outside while the protest was taking place.