The Taliban has said it has captured everyone onboard a helicopter that made an emergency landing in eastern Afghanistan last night.

The helicopter was carrying eight Turks when it landed due to bad weather in a Taliban-controlled area.

The pilots are said to be Russian and Afghan and the helicopter is owned by air charter company Khorasan Cargo Airlines.

The helicopter landed in Logar province's eastern-most district, Azra, which borders Pakistan and is a hotbed of Taliban activity.

The company spoke to the pilots on Sunday afternoon but had heard nothing from them since, a staff member said.

A local police spokesman said he did not know what cargo the helicopter was carrying or where it was heading.

A spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said a helicopter had come down in eastern Afghanistan but was unable to provide more details.

Helicopter crashes and "hard landings" happen relatively frequently in mountainous Afghanistan.

In August 2011, 30 US special forces soldiers, seven Afghans and an interpreter were killed when a Chinook transport helicopter was shot down, the deadliest single incident for foreign troops in more than a decade of war.

Khorasan flies Russian Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters as well as fixed-wing aircraft in Afghanistan.

They offer troops and cargo transportation as well as medivac and civilian transportation services.