Social Justice Ireland has said that the Government is creating a fractured society, a weak economy and persistently high unemployment.

The organisation published its Socio-Economic review for 2013 today.

Its Director Seán Healy said that, with more than 730,000 people currently living in poverty, the Government is going the wrong way about delivering economic recovery.

"For every €1 in cuts there should be a €2 overall increase in taxation, bearing in mind all the time that we're not principally focused on income tax here, we're talking about a fairer tax system," he said.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Fr Healy called for the corporate tax regime to be closed, although he said that the basic rate should remain at 12.5%.

While Social Justice Ireland supports the introduction of a property tax, Fr Healy stressed that it favours a tax based on the value of a site, rather than the market value of a house.

He also called on the Government to grow its investment programme, saying that the current programme fell far short of what was required to grow the economy.