Praveen Halappanavar's solicitor has said his client is unhappy with the 108-page Health Service Executive's clinical review into his wife's death, which finds shortcomings in her care.

Gerard O'Donnell told RTÉ News that issues need to be clarified and Mr Halappanavar does not believe the report explains why his wife died and why the couple were treated in the manner that they were.

The HSE review reports a single request for a termination of pregnancy being made, however Mr Halappanavar says there were three such requests.

The request for a termination was not recorded in the medical notes at the time.

The report says that doctors knew that the foetus was not viable and that Ms Halappanavar had an infection on the Sunday she was admitted to the hospital.

It points to shortcomings at all levels in the care of Ms Halappanavar.

Mr Halappanavr has decided that he will not meet the inquiry chairman this week but that his solicitor, a family friend and a medical expert will take up that invitation.

They will present his opinion of the HSE report, which his solicitor said will be a “robust response”'.

Mr O'Donnell said the clinical review is a matter for the hospital and is based on medical records and interviews.

He said that none of the individuals who were interviewed by the review gave sworn evidence or were cross-examined.

He said there were three key recommendations in the report, which if implemented in hospitals, could prevent such events occurring again.

One of these recommends better communication between all staff and staff taking an active role in the care of a patient.

The report does not lay blame for what happened but makes observations.

No individuals are named in the report.

Mrs Halappanavar, 31, was admitted to Galway University Hospital complaining of back pain on 21 October last year.

She was 17 weeks' pregnant with the couple's first child and died a week later at the hospital on 28 October.

The full inquest into her death is due to open in Galway on 8 April.