Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness has warned the Irish and British Governments of complacency and said they must not take the Good Friday Agreement and the Peace Process for granted.

Speaking at Sinn Féin’s Easter Commemoration in Dublin, he said a meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron in London this week was “one of the least satisfactory engagements I have had with a British Prime Minister in the course of the Peace Process”.

Mr McGuinness said recent events in the North demonstrated the need for increased dialogue and engagement between republicans and the wider unionist community in order to create trust between communities.

“The actions of those who have set their minds against change can be seen in the provocation created by the Orange Order's refusal to engage with residents, the antics of many of those involved in illegal union flag protests,

"[It can also be seen] in the actions of those anti-Peace Process militarists responsible for the bomb in Lurgan yesterday, and other recent armed activity.”