Over 1m Local Property Tax letters have been issued to property owners around the country, according to the Revenue Commissioners.

The deadline for paying the tax is 28 May. The tax is self-assessed, but the letters include the amount of tax Revenue will take unless the owner declares what they think the property is worth and what band it falls into.

Revenue’s valuation guidance site has received in excess of 750,000 hits.

So far, over 25,000 people have paid the tax; 15,000 electronically and 10,000 by paper.

There has been some criticism of the valuations provided by Revenue, with suggestions that in some cases they are too high.

Revenue has acknowledged that there may have been mistakes in some of the letters.

There have been reports in recent days that some teenagers have been asked to pay the tax.

Revenue has also said that due to the lack of a complete property register, some tenants, instead of their landlords, may have received letters.

It has asked that anyone who has received such letters make contact so that records can be corrected.