Ryan Tubridy was the highest paid presenter in RTÉ for 2011 with total earnings of €723,000, up 12% on 2010.

However, in his latest contract, his fees have been reduced by 31% to €495,000.

RTÉ has released figures for its top ten earners for 2010 and 2011

The broadcaster has also revealed details of its latest contract agreements for the first time.

The second highest paid broadcaster in 2011 was Pat Kenny on €630,000. His latest contract is up for renewal this year.

Marian Finucane was paid €492,000 in 2011 and her fees have nearly halved to €295,000 in her new deal.

Joe Duffy was paid €378,000 in 2011, reduced by 20% to €300,000 in his latest contract.

RTÉ says it has reached its objective of cutting presenter pay by at least 30% since 2008. It also says it has agreed increased levels of annual broadcast output with a range of presenters.

Miriam O'Callaghan received €307,000 in 2011, dropping to €211,000 in her latest contract.

Brendan O'Connor was paid €228,500 in 2011, reduced to €158,000 in his latest agreement.

Derek Mooney was the seventh highest paid in 2011 on €220,000.

Broadcaster Sean O'Rourke was paid nearly €209,000 in 2011.

George Hamilton received nearly €203,000 that year, dropping to €168,000 in his new contract.

Bryan Dobson was paid just under €198,000 in 2011.

Mr Mooney, Mr O'Rourke and Mr Dobson are employees rather than contractors so new contract fees are not applicable to them. Their figures also include pension contributions.