The Integration Centre and a childrens' charity have launched a 'proclamation pin' based on the 1916 Rising for fundraising this Easter.

The centre along with Lauralynn's Children's Charity say they will be selling the "GPO pins" around Dublin from today.

The pins also highlight a slogan taken from the proclamation, the need to "Cherish the Children of the Nation Equally".

The Integration Centre's Campaign Co-ordinator Aoife Breheny said the pin is the first ever non-partisan symbol celebrating 1916.

The badge was designed to highlight the process that led to Ireland's independence and to acknowledge the progressive aspirations of the proclamation, she said.

Ms Breheny said: "Each November a debate takes place about Irish people wearing the British poppy, we felt the bigger question was why Irish people didn't commemorate or acknowledge the effort to establish Irish democracy."