The owner of a rickshaw company in Galway has criticised a council decision to ban the carriages from the city's streets.

Galway City Council voted on Monday to change the by-laws when 20 rickshaw licences run out in the summer.

Leszek Majewski, who runs Promocabs, said legal operators are not causing problems in the city.

Speaking on RTÉ's News at One, Mr Majewski said the council should be restricting illegal operators and not targeting those with legitimate businesses.

He said: "Basically, there's 20 licences issued in Galway and all these guys, including me, are trying to make a living.

"Drivers work very hard, but we have insurance, we pay our taxes, but because there is an illegal rickshaw problem the city council basically tries to close down everything, which I think is crazy."

The council said the carriages are a nuisance, dangerous to pedestrians and do not add any value to the city.

Fianna Fáil Councillor Mike Crowe, who proposed the motion, said the council received negative feedback from businesses and residents about the use of rickshaws in the city.

Speaking on the same programme, Mr Crowe said: "I would be in agreement with the business operators, residents and visitors, who find that these things don't add any value to the city and are a danger, primarily late at night, when most of these operate.

"We have very narrow medieval streets in Galway city and, to be frank, rickshaws just aren't suitable."