Independent TD Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has admitted in the Dáil that on two occasions he was to receive penalty points which were then cancelled.

Mr Flanagan told the Dáil that on 3 June last year he was stopped by a garda for using a mobile phone while driving.

He said he received a fixed penalty notice in the post. A few days later he bumped into a garda sergeant, who asked him about the penalty points issue.

The garda sergeant told him that he was exempt from penalty points, he said.

Mr Flanagan said he had planned to name this sergeant in the Dáil, but was told that he would be stopped.

On a second occasion he was caught using a mobile phone while driving he was told that he would get penalty points.

He said that he casually mentioned this at a subsequent county council meeting he was attending.

On his way home he was contacted by "a senior council official" telling him that his penalty points issue had been "sorted out".

Mr Flanagan said that he believed that it was indicative of the culture that exists; he said that the fact that a council official has the confidence to approach gardaí with a view to having the penalty points cancelled is further proof of this.

Mr Flanagan also questioned how the information regarding his penalty points had come to light.