A new report has advised against introducing key planning reforms recommended following a review of complaints against seven local authorities.

A review by the Department of the Environment made 13 recommendations.

The recommendations included one that in future all material contraventions of development plans should be referred straight to An Bord Pleanála.

This was also recommended by the Mahon Tribunal.

But the independent report commissioned by the department and published today has advised against this.

There were a series of complaints about planning decisions made by the councils of Dublin City, Cork City, Carlow County, Meath County, Galway County, Cork County and Donegal County often involving breaches of the development plans.

The report’s author, Henk van der Kamp, states that automatic referral to An Bord Pleanála "could portray a level of distrust" of local councillors who have the democratic responsibility for planning policy.

But he is in favour of allowing developers and landowners to propose local area plans.

The original review recommended banning this but Mr Van der Kamp said such a prohibition could mean extra work for council planning departments.

He also is against records of pre-planning meetings between planning applicants and officials being put on public file before a decision is reached.

The report does endorse ten other recommendations made by the review including better communication, review of guidelines and promotion of best practice.

It also makes three extra recommendations involving the research of the quality of planning decisions, use of graphics to make development plans clearer and a code of conduct for council planners and An Bord Pleanála inspectors.

Housing Minister Jan O'Sullivan had said she wanted to implement all of the recommendations made by the original review published in June last year.

A department spokesperson said she will be considering the latest report before making a final decision.

The section of the report dealing with Donegal County Council was redacted because of legal action.