An expert witness has told a Medical Council inquiry that kissing a patient is inappropriate conduct.

Dr Anna-Maria Rollin, consultant anaesthetist at Epsom General Hospital in the UK, also said that the normal distance between a doctor when examining a patient is the length of a stethoscope.

"Doctors do not kiss patients in a professional relationship", she told the inquiry.

She was giving evidence in the case of Dr Hossam Desoky, an anaesthetist at South Tipperary General Hospital.

He is facing ten allegations of professional misconduct, or poor professional misconduct.

It is alleged that he kissed patient Teri Chamberlain during a consultation in the hospital on 13 July, 2010.

It is also alleged he brought her to his on-call residence room, locked her in and molested her.

Dr Desoky disputes the patient's account of events.

Dr Rollin said that calling a patient directly on her mobile is entirely inappropriate.

She said that Ms Chamberlain was slight and slim and there was no reason to handle her or pull her forward, as she could have been asked to move forward by the doctor.

Dr Rollin said that bringing a patient to a doctors' residence on-call room and locking her in was professional misconduct.

Dr Desoky told the inquiry that he was shocked to hear of the allegations made by Ms Chamberlain.

He said it was the first time in his life he had faced such claims.

Dr Desoky said he went to see Ms Chamberlain in the gynaecological surgery ward at the hospital at 7pm that day.

He said there were four patients in the ward.

Dr Desoky said he took a medical history from Ms Chamberlain and spoke to her about help with stopping smoking.

She told him he could ring her anytime about it on her mobile and he left.

Dr Desoky said that he later rang Ms Chamberlain around 9.15pm about medication before the operation.

She said he had not examined her chest and asked him to do this.

Dr Desoky said he went to check Ms Chamberlain's chest.

She was wearing a gown and T-shirt, and he asked her to keep her T-shirt on but Ms Chamberlain took it off, he said.

Dr Desoky told the inquiry he did not touch Ms Chamberlain by hand, just with the stethoscope.

He told her that her chest was okay and she was fit for the operation.

Dr Desoky told the inquiry that Ms Chamberlain asked to discuss help with smoking after the chest examination.

He told her he was going on a break outside but she could follow him to discuss it.

It was after 9.15pm and he was wearing scrubs, so he took a lift to get his coat from his second floor residence room.

Dr Desoky said Ms Chamberlain followed him into the lift and he asked her to wait there while he got his coat.

But she followed him into the room where he offered her tea or coffee.

For around ten minutes they talked about smoking, some of her personal issues and the fact she was separated.

Dr Desoky said it was a friendly chat and he gave her a platonic kiss on the cheek as she left.

He later learned of Ms Chamberlain's complaint to the hospital and her statement to the gardaí, he said.

Earlier, Dr Desoky, 47, said he was married with four children.

He qualified in medicine in Egypt in 1990 and had worked in Ireland between 2004 and 2010.

The fitness to practise committee adjourned its decision to 15 March.