Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore have promised that the Government will accelerate attempts to tackle the mortgage crisis.

Marking the Coalition's second anniversary in office, they pledged to ensure that most families were offered sustainable solutions by next year.

They said they will make sure economic recovery does not bypass families affected by unemployment by making sure any new jobs go to those on the Live Register.

The leaders also maintained that the country will be exiting the International Monetary Fund-EU programme by continuing to reduce borrowing and debt.

During a news conference, Mr Kenny insisted that the Coalition is making serious progress in implementing the Programme for Government.

He said that two thirds of targets had been met and a sense of stability was returning.

The Taoiseach insisted that the jobs haemorrhage had been stopped and the private sector was once more creating employment.

Mr Gilmore said the Government was delivering on its promises.

He said the economy had returned to growth, credit had begun to flow again to small businesses and Troika targets had been met -making Ireland a success story in Europe.

The Tánaiste said more work needs to be done on youth unemployment.

However, he insisted that the Coalition parties were working well together and would run their full course.

He said when they had taken office there was only five months’ money left to pay for Government services.

No one was claiming outright victory, he said, but people could now be confident about the future.

Mr Kenny reiterated that the public sector would have to contribute €1bn of savings over the next three years.

He said people understood that these things have to be done in the public interest.

"It's not nice, believe you me, as a politician to have to do it, but it's necessary (and) in everybody's interests that we sort out this problem.

"Irish people want to see the problem sorted.

"Unfortunately the alternative is to cut frontline services even more, and that's not palatable and it's not on", he said.