A new app that will allow taxi passengers to check the details of the driver has been launched by the Government.

All taxi drivers will be required to register on the Taxi Driver Check app or face a €40 fine.

The free app provides photo identification of the driver registered to the car.

Passengers can also check if all details, such as vehicle make and licence number, are correct.

The app also provides an option for passengers to report irregularities to the National Transport Authority or to email the taxi details to a friend.

Minister of State for Transport Alan Kelly said it was a great day for consumers, who will now be able to check if the driver is who they say there.

He said the responsibility will be on taxi drivers to keep all details up-to-date.

Mr Kelly has also urged consumers to report unregistered taxis.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the Taxi Advisory Committee, which represents taxi drivers and other interest groups, is meeting today as concern is being expressed about a proposed new penalty points system.

The special penalty points are part of new taxi laws, which introduce disqualifications for taxi drivers with criminal convictions.

However, taxi drivers are concerned about the new system, which could mean a taxi driver losing his licence for three months for an accumulation of offences, such as overcharging or waiting outside ranks.

Taxi organisations recently postponed a protest pending a meeting with Minister Kelly.