Dublin's Beacon Hospital is reporting an eradication rate of around 90% for inoperable early-stage lung tumours, using advanced technology called stereotactic radiosurgery.

The hospital has now performed 500 treatments for various cancers over five years using the system and 40% of its referrals are now from the public health service.

The system is said to be especially effective in treating very small brain and lung tumours.

Prof John Armstrong, Medical Director, National Centre for Radiosurgery, UPMC Beacon Hospital, said the radiosurgery system uses all of the advances in computer imaging and radiation is delivered with unprecedented accuracy, without the need for surgery.

He said treatments can be delivered in three to five visits, which means the anti-tumour effect is greater and the chances of success are higher.

Stereotactic radiosurgery differs from traditional radiotherapy which can involve longer treatments over a longer period of time.

The technology is also being used for cancer of the spine, liver and kidney.