The US online auction company eBay Inc is to create 450 jobs in Dundalk, Co Louth.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said it is a great opportunity for the northeast and Dundalk.

PayPal, which is a subsidiary of eBay Inc, announced the creation of 1,000 jobs at its Dundalk facility last year.

The two companies currently employ over 2,300 at their facilities in Dundalk and Blanchardstown in Dublin.

The Senior Director of Customer Experience at eBay said up to 110 of the 450 customer service jobs announced today will be filled in Dundalk by the end of the year.

Gary Hagel said the rest of the 450 jobs will be filled by the end of 2015.

Mr Hagel said: "We'll be filling up to 110 roles this year and we expect to have people serving our customers as early as May this year. The roles are available immediately and they are on our website.

"We're really looking for a range of skills. Essentially it's customer service and supporting customers who buy and sell on the site. We would encourage everyone from Dundalk and from the surrounding areas to check out our careers website."

Mr Hagel said he was certain that he would find the right recruits with the necessary technical skills and language skills.

He said: "We're very confident in Ireland and very confident in the people of Ireland, which is why we're advertising these roles today."

Paddy Malone of Dundalk Chamber of Commerce said there was no better endorsement than a sister company of one that is already established in the town coming in with the potential to create so many jobs.

He said: "Ebay would not have done this without having talked to Paypal as a sister company to know what they found when they came to Dundalk, so it’s a very positive message for the town and for the region."

Mr Malone said there had already been a very positive effect from the 1,000 jobs that were created by PayPal last year.

He said: "There is a positive impact on the town. The DKIT is buzzing. You can see a layer of expectancy around the town.

"Even in the housing market, there's beginning to be slight movements, but in a positive direction.

"We have the infrastructure capable to looking after these businesses."

45 jobs to go at EPC Europe

As eBay was announcing 450 new jobs, workers at a plastic moulding company in Dundalk were told they are to lose their jobs.

45 people who work at EPC Europe got the news at meetings with management today.

The company is to close down over the next six months with production being shifted to Mexico and Germany.