Irish Farmers Association President John Bryan has said it looks like the Common Agricultural Policy budget has been "relatively well protected" during the long-running EU budget talks in Brussels.

Mr Bryan told RTÉ News that the success was down to an alliance forged by Ireland, France, Spain and Italy.

Speaking in Brussels, the IFA President said while there had been a "small cut across the board", it had to be welcomed that "Ireland will hold more €1.5bn for CAP over the next seven years".

Regarding what is called Pillar 2, which covers regional development, Mr Bryan said the IFA had hoped the budget line would remain above €330m for next seven years.

He said he believed the current budget draft had the figure "a little short than that", but the Taoiseach was still hoping to increase that in the ongoing negotiations.

Mr Bryan said he welcomed that French President Francois Hollande had taken "such a tough stance" on CAP, but the success was down to an alliance of countries, including Ireland.