The Department of Justice is seeking a number of payroll changes for members of An Garda Síochána as part of a bid to save €60m over the next three years.

RTÉ News has seen details of the proposals, which include cuts in overtime, premium, Saturday, Sunday and holiday payments. This would include Good Friday reverting to a standard working day.

The proposed savings form part of an additional €1 billion in payroll cuts which the Government is seeking by the end of 2015.

In the proposals, three scenarios for cutting overtime are outlined:

- Cutting double time to time-and-a-half, and time-and-a-half to flat time, which would save €14.5m a year.

- Cutting double time to time-and-a-half, and time-and-a-half to time-and-a-quarter, which would save €8m a year.

- Cutting all overtime to the flat rate, which would save €14m a year.

Meanwhile, extending the working day to hours between 8am and 8pm would save €5.7m a year.

In addition to overtime, the Department of Justice wants to save €9.7m on payment of premium allowances.

If Good Friday reverted to being a standard working day, it would save €1.4m from the annual pay bill.

Cutting allowances for working Saturdays would save €4.3m.

The management also projects that it could save €31.5m by halving Sunday and public holiday pay.

If the payment were cut by a quarter, the saving would be €15.8m.

Government officials hope to cut garda night duty payments by €13.

As with other public servants, management also want gardaí to work an extra hour a day, which could be achieved by changing the length of shifts, banking 20 hours a month, reducing the number of rest days by four or other changes to leave days.

Of the €60m savings sought from the gardaí, management wants €18.2m secured in 2013.

The Department of Justice said a range of payroll savings were under discussion, and the savings sought are additional to any savings factored into current budgets.

The department had no comment on any specific measure.