A new community relations blueprint from the Alliance Party has recommended that the flying of national flags from lampposts in Northern Ireland should be subject to regulation, with zero tolerance of paramilitary symbols.

The proposals also call on the Northern Ireland Executive to agree to fly the Union flag from public and civic buildings on designated days only.

The introduction of that policy at Belfast City Hall triggered the loyalist protests that have been witnessed in Northern Ireland over the past two months.

The Alliance blueprint also recommends a 20% reduction in peace line structures within ten years, with a further 30% removed within 15 years.

It also suggests that mixed housing should be considered the norm in Northern Ireland by 2025, with the implementation of programmes to eliminate threats and intimidation levels in certain areas.

Other recommendations include the setting up of a Stormont working group to deal with the issue of parades, with the aim of establishing a mechanism for binding arbitration and a cross-party talks process to reach arrangements for dealing with the past.