Two new opinion polls conducted for Sunday newspapers show Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin making gains at the expense of Fine Gael and Labour.

One of the polls also shows that a majority of voters are in favour of abortion where the mother displays suicidal feelings.

Behaviour and Attitudes conducted its survey for The Sunday Times among over 900 voters over a seven day period from the 15 January.

87% of voters said they would favour the introduction of abortion where the mother's life was in danger for reasons other than suicide, while 10% were opposed.

In the case of suicide, the majority was smaller. 59% favoured abortion where the mother displayed suicidal feelings, compared to 34% who were opposed.

Behaviour and Attitudes also measured party support, and found Fine Gael on 26%, down four points since the last poll, in November.

Labour was on 11%, down one, Fianna Fáil was up two points to 24%, Sinn Féin rose five to 19% and Independents and others fell one to 21%.

There were very similar party support figures in a Red C poll for the Sunday Business Post, carried out between Monday and Wednesday among 1,000 voters.

It found Fine Gael unchanged on 28% after a big drop in a November poll.

Labour was down three to 11%, Fianna Fáil up one to 21%, Sinn Féin up two to 19% and Independents and others were unchanged at 21%.