The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors has warned that members may mount protests in opposition to any cuts in their pay or allowances.

AGSI General Secretary John Redmond said the AGSI was adamant that changes or reductions in allowances, Sunday premiums, twilight hours and other payments were definitely off the table as far as they were concerned.

He was speaking after further talks on extending the Croke Park Agreement.

He said gardaí worked hard to earn those payments and they would not countenance any reduction or adjustment of those allowances.

Asked whether it was inevitable that they would have to compromise on the issue to avoid pay cuts, he said Taoiseach Enda Kenny had been quite clear about the possibly of introducing legislation to cut pay, and he acknowledged that Mr Kenny was at liberty to do that.

However, he said that if the Taoiseach did so, he should be prepared for what would happen.

Mr Redmond said AGSI members were "beside themselves with anger" regarding what he called the attack on their pay and allowances, adding that he did not know how much they were going to take before standing up and being counted.

Asked whether there was the possibility of another "blue flu" - a mass sick leave protest taken by rank and file gardai some years ago - Mr Redmond said that AGSI members had not taken part at the time, and would not be visiting it now.

However, he warned there would be protests and a demonstration of their anger and annoyance at the way the government intended to treat members.

John Redmond said he was very disappointed that government negotiators had not yet indicated in specific terms the changes and reductions they were seeking from Gardai.

He said he hoped those specifics would be tabled at tomorrow's session of talks.