HMV staff occupying two stores in Limerick have vacated the premises and ended their sit in after confirmation from the receiver Deloitte that they would receive pay due to them.

The 28 workers involved, who had been sitting in at the stores in Cruises Street and at the Cresent Shopping Centre in Limerick since Wednesday night, had been in discussions with the Receiver David Carson and his representatives all day.

The workers received confirmation from him in an open letter that they would be paid the wages and overtime due to them since 21 December, which will be paid on Friday next.

One of those involved said given the circumstances and after day-long discussions, they believed it was the best deal they could get.

They also thanked all those members of the public who had helped and supported them, but now they wanted to be reunited with their families as they were all very tired.

It is understood that similar sit-ins by staff at HMV branches in Tallaght and Cork have also ended after the receiver found a solution whereby the staff will be paid.

Staff at the stores had been sitting in at their premises since yesterday.