Developer Chartered Land has outlined its proposals for the preservation of buildings on Moore Street used in the 1916 Rising.

Some relatives are backing the plans presented to a special Dublin City Council committee.

But other relatives said not enough is being preserved in the plans for a massive shopping centre development.

The Moore Street terrace where the 1916 rebels made their last stand is due for redevelopment, but four of the original buildings remain and are listed as national monuments.

Some relatives of 1916 leaders have made a video presentation based on the developer’s restoration plans, which will include opening up the holes made by rebels as they tunnelled through to escape from the GPO.

These relatives are happy with preserving the four buildings and turning them into a museum and interpretative centre.

But other relatives point out the whole terrace was used and should be restored or rebuilt as it was.

Chartered Lands has planning permission until 2017 for a massive retail development fronting on to O'Connell Street.

It said say all original features will be preserved under its plans, which will however require amended planning permission.

A special city council committee, which heard submissions today, will report in April.

It is hoped that agreement can be reached so restoration is carried out in time for centenary celebrations in 2016.

NAMA controls the site and will be lobbied for the cost of the restoration. The final decision is up to Government.