Children from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut returned to lessons today for the first time since 20 pupils and six staff were shot dead last month by Adam Lanza.

A school has been set up in neighbouring Monroe and has been renamed Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Parents were allowed to stay in the school during class-time to reassure their children.

Newtown Superintendent of Schools Janet Robinson said that renaming the disused Chalk Hill school in Monroe will allow staff and students to keep "their identity and a comfort level".

The school where the shootings occurred remains closed and guarded by police.

Newtown officials have not yet decided on the building's future.

It has been nearly three weeks since Lanza attacked the school after killing his mother at the home they shared in Newtown. He shot himself as police arrived at the school.

Police have not released any details about a motive.

Numerous police officers last night guarded the outside of the Monroe school, which is about 11km from the old school and told reporters to stay away.

Asked about the level of security at the new school, Monroe police Lt Keith White said: "I think right now it has to be the safest school in America."