The Republican leader of the US House of Representatives has said he does not support the Senate-passed "fiscal cliff" bill.

Eric Cantor expressed his unhappiness with the measure to reporters as he left a closed-door meeting with fellow House Republicans.

It is unclear when the House will consider the Senate bill and what if any changes it will seek.

Mr Cantor's comments raise questions about how Congress will address automatic spending cuts and tax increases that began to take effect just after midnight EST.

Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden will meet with fellow democrats to discuss the "fiscal cliff" deal he forged with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

The US Senate last night approved legislation aimed at halting the imposition of billions of dollars of spending cuts and tax increases.

The deal came too late for Congress to meet its own deadline of yesterday to pass laws halting $600 billion in tax increases and spending cuts due to come into force today.

But as today is a holiday, Congress still has time to draw up legislation, approve it and backdate it to avoid the harsh fiscal measures coming into force.