The Road Safety Authority has advised road users to be careful when travelling following reports of gale force winds on Irish coastal waters.

South to southwest gales or strong gales will develop tonight to all Irish coastal waters and on the Irish Sea.

The outlook for the coming weekend remains extremely windy with very strong southerly and southwesterly winds and a risk of stormy conditions and damaging winds in coastal areas of the west and north.

The RSA is asking road users to take extra care in these strong winds and have issued the following advice:

-Beware of objects being blown out onto the road. Expect the unexpected.

-Watch out for falling/fallen debris on the road and vehicles veering across the road

-Control of a vehicle may be affected by strong cross winds. High sided vehicles and motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to strong winds

-Allow extra space between you and vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclists

-Drive with dipped headlights at all times

-Monitor radio weather broadcasts while travelling

Advice to Pedestrians & Cyclists:

-Be seen. Wear bright clothing with reflective armbands or a reflective belt

-Take extra care when near traffic or crossing the road in extremely windy conditions as a sudden gust of wind could blow you into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

-Walk on a footpath, not in the street.

-Walk on the right hand side of the road, facing traffic if there are no footpaths