Santa Claus has departed from the North Pole and has begun his worldwide delivery. The first stop was The Line Islands that are part of the Republic of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean.

Santa delivered toys in Australia where he finds it challenging as his suit is more suited to cold weather rather than the hot sun.

Earlier, he thanked his elves saying that he was delighted with all their hard work in preparing all the toys for children worldwide.

The strongest elves lifted the sacks of presents onto the sleigh.

Elves have made a special request that all children leave some snacks or even a glass of water out for Santa before they go to bed.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Santa asked children to leave out carrots and cabbage for Rudolph.

Santa's trip can be followed thanks to Rudolph's shiny nose which works as a radar.

Rudolph's radar can be followed in this location.

There is a space ship monitoring website which is normally reserved for space ship monitoring here.

The moment that radar indicates Santa has lifted off, satellites positioned in geo-synchronous orbit at 22,300 miles from the Earth’s surface are equipped with infrared sensors, which enable them to detect heat.

Amazingly, Rudolph's bright red nose gives off an infrared signature, which allows satellites to detect Rudolph and Santa.