A €3 million refurbishment of facilities at Dublin Castle is near completion, ahead of Ireland's Presidency of the EU in 2013.

The castle will be the headquarters for the EU Presidency for the first six months of the year.

Overall €70 million is being spent on the Presidency compared to €110 million in 2004.

A revamp of the building began last July.

The Printworks at Dublin Castle was where the Mahon Tribunal held its public hearings. It was also the media centre during the Queen's visit and US President Barack Obama's visit.

Around €24 million will be spent on running costs, accomodation, catering, transport, while €20 million will be spent on staffing in Ireland and in Brussels.

Planning and preparation will cost €12 million, and cultural activities will cost €3 million.

Over 15,000 delegates are due to come to Ireland for the EU Presidency. They can access a special website outlining events and providing helpful tips on how to pronounce Taoiseach, Oireachtas or garda.