New operational procedures for patient treatment have been drafted after a meeting between the Cystic Fibrosis Association, the Health Service Executive and St Vincent's Hospital.

The procedures were drafted to ensure better facilities are available for those attending the hospital with cystic fibrosis.

St Vincent's Hospital undertook a review of its CF facilities after a bed shortage at the end of November left five CF patients queuing for a bed.

The procedures were presented to the CF association tonight at a meeting between hospital management, senior consultants, HSE representatives and the CF association.

It is understood the new procedures are to facilitate improved infection control systems, and a new admissions process.

There will also be a ring-fencing of emergency CF beds, with one to two rooms kept free at all times for CF patients attending in an emergency situation.

The hospital also made a renewed commitment to set aside up to 34 beds for CF patients.

The hospital's efforts were welcomed by the CF Association.

They described the meeting as "positive" and "constructive".

The CEO of the CF Association of Ireland said the hospital had put a lot of work into drafting the new operating procedures.

The CF Association and the HSE agreed to keep monitoring the progress made at the hospital.

They made a commitment to meet four times a year to check on facilities and procedures at St Vincent's Hospital.

The first of those check-up meetings will take place in January.