The families of three seriously-ill children, who were embarking on a surprise charity trip to Disneyland, said they were annoyed, inconvenienced and humiliated after they had to repack their overweight luggage for a Ryanair flight.

The families were all travelling with the Share a Dream Foundation, and the seven children on the trip were recipients of the National Children of Courage awards.

They had been honoured for their bravery in the face of serious illnesses, many of them life-threatening.

As part of their award they were all treated to a surprise trip to Disneyland in Paris and took off from Dublin Airport.

Three of the families involved had to check in twice at the Ryanair check-in desk after some of their luggage was found to be overweight.

The families said they were annoyed and humiliated when they had to unpack some bags, which included their sick children’s medicines and other essential items, and repack into other luggage.

Share a Dream described the incident as a "disgrace". In addition, the group observed the quota of just four wheelchairs when booking the trip.

In a statement about the incident this afternoon, Ryanair said they regret the inconvenience caused, but are pleased that the families concerned avoided excess bag baggage charges by being given the opportunity to repack their bags.