Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has said that banks need to be more proactive in their dealings with their mortgage customers who are in arrears.

The latest agreement between the Troika and the Government requires a legal impediment, which has stopped banks repossessing properties en masse so far, to be removed.

While the Government has said it will not introduce the measure until borrowers' homes are protected with the enactment of new personal insolvency legislation, Mr Martin said he was concerned that this will not go far enough.

"The banks will have to distinguish between family homes and buy to let," Mr Martin said.

He said they are annoyed about "the absence of any action in relation to helping people, working with people and engaging with people on a much more active basis than we've seen to date".

"But we do, I think, need more protection in the Personal Insolvency Bill for the family home."